We assist people in getting through the time-consuming challenges and stressful red tape that is so common when applying for New Zealand citizenship. Many people encounter difficulties in the application process and an incorrectly-completed application can lead to delays, wasted application fees, and lost time.

We are a private company that provides consulting, administrative management, document preparation, processing and expediting of New Zealand citizenship Application for adults and children. Our services facilitate and simplify the procedures for issuing and obtaining the official NZ citizenship, faster and easier than researching and doing it by yourself through the standard process, no long queues or displacements. In the same way, we ensure the correct application for a guaranteed approval.

The administrative management service consists of translating the data you have provided in the .pdf file valid for presentation (we correct those that are incorrectly introduced so that they do not deny it), in addition to providing a detailed guide and instructions with the next steps to complete the application correctly. We are also available to the client at all times to resolve doubts and address any issues related to the citizenship application.

Our team includes qualified administrative clerks, consultants, accountants and citizenship application experts.

New Zealand Citizenship online application form

You can apply from the comfort of your home at any time, eliminating the need to go to distant government offices and wait in line.

Complete the online form – Fill out a simple citizenship application form, get your filled form and step-by-step instructions by email, send your documents by post and receive the answer directly from Department of Internal Affairs of New Zealand.

Personalized revision service

Applying for NZ citizenship have never been so easy. Save your time and energy and apply remotely, straight from your home.

Through our smart online form and personalized revision service we make sure that your application is not delayed or rejected. Our experts will make sure that the application process goes well and you get your answer on time.

Quick and Easy

We offer a smooth-running citizenship application process which allows you to request the NZ citizenship from any place in New Zealand in the shortest time.

Our system is engineered with the most updated technology and uses a similar system as the New Zealand Government for processing the application, so when you are submitting an application it is going directly to the Department of Internal Affairs of New Zealand.

Save your precious time and leave the hard paperwork to us. Complete and finish your application following the given instructions. From home and avoid long lines.

Simple process

Our step-by-step guide allow completing the simple online NZ citizenship application form, which can be completed from your home at any time, thereby you can avoid traveling to distant government offices and waiting in line.

Safe with us

Our smart online form and personalized revision assistance will ensure that your application is not delayed or rejected. Our system and team of technicians review incompatibility, unqualified applicants, false payments, and other general mistakes that could cause unnecessary waste of your time and money.

If you have any enquiry please contact our customer support service so we can help you not only with the application, but also with your doubts. We would be very glad to have your trust in our service.