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Operating, browsing, reading and using this webpage will be considered as your consent to obey the set of regulations explained further in our terms. While operating our webpage you give your consent to obey the browsing hints and instructions given by us, additionally any relevant legislation, in regards to vital records application. If needed, the enterprise keeps all rights to modify these Terms and Conditions. In case you disagree to these terms and conditions, you do not accept the relevant regulations or you do not want to obey them or you are not satisfied with our website – we advise you to stop using this website now.

While navigating this website you guarantee your complete understanding and acceptance of the Terms and Conditions disclosed further. Our enterprise keeps the right to correct or to modify these Terms and Conditions and it will be in your duty to review and acknowledge the modifications made. Any navigation of this webpage will mean your consent to these Terms and Conditions. Additionally, you accept that we will handle your personal data which you handed over to us, for us to be able to finish the services promised on this webpage and in necessary to cause new updates.


Our webpage is a privately owned enterprise ( registered in Estonia with Company Registration Number ), which is not bound with any government, state, third-party or marketing firm.

Our website provides certain services or products (further indicated as “purchases”, “purchase”) for this reason the customer might be asked to give his personal information (inter alia) billing or shipping address and payment data. Accordingly, the customer recognizes and authorizes:

● The customer, in accordance with the regulations, can use any credit or debit card in relation to any Purchase.
● The data he provided is legit, complete and correct.

By navigating this website, customers agree and accept that they are not allowed to download, change, replicate or redistribute any kind of data constituted on this webpage and also agrees to use the products provided by exclusively only for their personal use.

The customer is not permitted to use this website or the products provided by this website for personal advantage and trade or give the data to any third party. The products and services obtained is a subject to the declared Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) which can be periodically modified. The enterprise might hire third parties to assure a fast and effective payment process and develop other services associated with the Purchases. Accordingly, as customers supply their data, the customer gives his permission for the website to transfer that information to the related third parties to be able to finish the mandatory operations which are characterized in our Privacy Policy.


The data on this webpage is open to any user. The personal data you give while applying on the must be faultless and correct. The data customers put while filling the webpage’s online application form will be taken to finish the official application form. In case the customer inputs a faulty data, this website will abort the partnership with the customer instantly. It is forbidden to a customer to give pseudonyms, fake names, or use another person name (except in case one is applying for another person) faulty, forged, abusive, coarse email accounts in order to applu on our webpage. In case any restricted actions are found, the partnership between this website and the user terminated instantly, without even notifying the user. As a consequence, no reimbursement will be offered or granted.

Our customers are a priority to us, accordingly, the reimbursement will be possible if:

● The customer did not get the full application package;
● The purchased product for some reason is not available to the client, in such matter, the client will be granted a full refund;
● In case the cause for the reimbursement is not mentioned, please contact us for further assistance.

By deciding to apply for your New Zealand citizenship online you give your consent for this website to reveal your personal information to the Department of Internal Affairs or any other Government affiliated jurisdiction.

Data gathered on our website is handled as an intimate data and under any circumstances will be disclosed to a third party unless under the following conditions:

● If the customer agrees to it;
● In case the law officers demand us to provide the data;
● If advised as a mode in which personal information may not be discriminated;
● In the event, if maintenance and administration of the system is necessary;
● Crucial for the administration of the webpage.

The enterprise will action the application using the data given by the user. This website does not take any responsibility for any inaccurate or faulty data given by the client.

In our Privacy Policy chapter, you can learn about our specific detailed privacy laws and how we handle, keep and secure all the private information on our website.

We would like to point out that the client data might be gathered by this website while navigating the webpage and might then be kept in our system. The mentioned data might consist of:

● Personal information along with the full name, address, birthdate, and birthplace;
● Contact information: phone number as well as an email address;
● Your ID/passport information (issue/expiration date, document number)
● Data in regards to your internet connection, IP address;

● Payment report.

We gather your data according to our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. During your navigation of the website, mandatory data is being gathered to apply for your NZ citizenship. Please, take into account that while applying online and using our system, you are fully responsible for ensuring that the data you supplied is precise and right, as our system is not able to identify errors such as incorrectly spelled: terms, words, names, surnames, addresses and etc.


In case you are applying on behalf of a minor, it is obligatory to be the parent either an adoptive parent. By agreeing to our Terms and Conditions you confirm that while applying on behalf of a minor you are applicants parent or adoptive parent.


Under no circumstances or any of its employees, management or officials should be accountable to its client for any proceeding out of or in any way associated with your navigation of this webpage, whether such accountability is under commitment, error or otherwise and along with its employees management or officials shall not be responsible for any implied, substantial or certain accountability rising out of or in any way connected to your usage of this webpage.

This website is not accountable for the users who are unable to get the required documents due to assets out of our control. You accept and agree that this enterprise is not offering any juridical advisory and we are not empowered to provide such services.

Our services consist of filling and inquiring NZ citizenship application form quicker. We do not have a license to provide any juridical advisory and we are not providing such service through this website. All the information, visual as well as written is accessible for the public as well as privately, all the elements of this webpage were designed exclusively for instructional use. The user also accepts that this website can not be held liable for the eventual outcome of the application, the confirmation completely relies upon the government’s decision. This website takes no responsibility in case the application has been processed using faulty data or errors formed by the client.

This website keeps the right to abort the registration and application process and eliminate their personal data in case the client: avoided, modified or left out any lot of the compulsory data for enrollment; does not fit the regulations and is accordingly advised as not eligible to finish the online application; gives fake or inaccurate personal data or is suspected to be involved in any kind of illegal acts.

By navigating our webpage and services, you accept the following:

● You as a customer, agree that we as an enterprise have no right to serve you in any juridical events.
● No attorney-client partnership benefits will be possible or offered among the customer and the enterprise.
● By applying through our webpage you accept our charges, necessary to be made to this enterprise, for the products provided.
● The activity of this enterprise is not being evaluated by the New Zealand Government, in relation to its experience, expertise or services.


The client absolutely accepts and endorses that the enterprise is an independent privately owned institution, which is not related to the New Zealands or any other government or governmental institution. Furthermore, an applicant acknowledges that the operation of this webpage stays purely at clients responsibility.

The webpage is managed on “AS IS” and “AS AVAILABLE” grounds. The enterprise creates no image or assurances of any sort, pointed out or indirect, as to the action or the data of this website, content elements, or goods included, development of accomplishment, non-infringement, propriety for a precise goal or profitability.

The upcoming is a listing of the restraints and actions that are not permitted for customers of

● Perform any illegal acts;
● Participate in any illegitimate or criminal activities;
● To disclose, duplicate, copy, imitate, recreate, issue or give away any of the copied, visual or audio elements, posted on this costless or limited use, without our written authorization.
● Violation of our website trademark or intellectual property regulations;
● The user is not permitted to use the name and/or trademark of for his own personal gain without first getting our authorization;
● The user is not permitted to participate in any acts that may damage this website or its agents, investors, directors or third parties partnering with the enterprise;
● The user is not allowed to damage this website or its associates, representatives or third parties;
● The user is not permitted to share, transmit, upload, write or operate any device which may damage the safety of this site like defects, time or date bombs, viruses and etc.;
● The user is not allowed to convert, translate, change, adjust, reshape, copy, dismantle any of the elements of this website. The user is banned from using, copying, duplicating or recreating any of these web platforms algorithms, designs, ideas or source codes.
● The user is not allowed to flood, stream or spam any components of our internet platform;
● The user is banned from modifying, erasing, adjusting, changing any brand, copyright or any alternative ownership rights, precisely connected to the web platform property of this website;
● The user is not to manipulate the products, services, data or content of this internet platform for unlawful/criminal actions;
● The user is banned from attempting to resell or commercially use this webpage.
● The user is not permitted to operate any spiders, robots or any other approaches that help to gather the information, which may end up in harming or copying our website without the written authorization of


This website keeps the right to alter or erase contents of this online platform regards to the products and services available, administration approach and conditions, without any prior notice if considered necessary. Platform end users accept to be restrained by the circumstances stated here and acknowledge that any violation of these regulations may lead to legal affairs.


This webpage offers its clients an approach to apply for New Zealand citizenship quicker by offering private specialized services. Our officers may offer support, nonetheless, we are not a law firm and we do not act as one, hence under no circumstances, we are offering any juridical guidance. Our services consist of carefully analyzing all of our client’s answers, assistance in filling out the application form and reviewing all the form from errors, inaccuracies, blanks, spelling and syntax check, also to provide the filled application form in pdf format, instructions and extensive guide to help complete the application. Our service processing time is between 1 to 5 working days. Note that once you have sent your documents by post, processing time of the government institution to give you an answer depends to them and we have no relationship whatsoever. Note that we do not provide the citizenship directly, as we act as intermediary agent providing a preparation service/package to apply for it.

Only if the application fee of $195.00 (plus rate adjustment for card payment processing if applies) has been paid your application will be processed and carried out by our team.

Furthermore, our agents may get in touch with you via email or phone for missing data or simply to clarify inaccuracies to be able to smoothly finish your application process. If you want to learn more about our services you may check it in the passage “about us”. Prior to acquiring any of our offered application packages, the customer will be responsible for reviewing all the data provided and do the mandatory alterations. In case a mistake occurred, it is crucial that you amend it prior to going further. As soon as the errors have been amended and details proved, the user will be requested to input your credit card details to cover our service fee of NZ $195.00 (plus rate adjustment for card payment processing if applies), which do not include the public fees for applying for NZ citizenship, so you will need to pay it directly and separately to the corresponding NZ Government institution.

By acquiring our products you are accepting to affiliated to our Merchant of Record, that considers an agreement of administrative obligations and is held answerable as the commercial establishment that actions the applicant’s payment(s) that went through this website, along with tax, billing, compliance risk, reimbursement requests or any disagreement. Our company is enrolled in The Chamber of Commerce. The Merchant of Record assures all digital transactions are secured and encrypted through high-security firewalls, physical preservation and managed with attention to detail and complete compliance with Law Regulations. The enterprise is not related and it does not depict to be related to the New Zealand or any other Governmental institutions and consequently does not acknowledge any responsibility or accountability for the processing time and delivery process. The customer will obtain his/her nz citizenship response within the set timeframe depending on each state takes to process the citizenship application inquiry, as soon as the finished application has been mailed.

By using our services the customer accepts and agrees that we as an enterprise may appoint certain limitations to the use of our platform and keep the right to make necessary adjustments and changes of the services available. The following changes might be made to written, audio or visual contents, working hours, requirements for the utilities necessary to access and/or navigate this website and the product pricing. Moreover, the user acknowledges and accepts that the enterprise is not able to assure the result of your application, it cannot guard you against processing timeframe associated issues, as delayed or inaccurate application form filling.

Additionally, you acknowledge and accept that the admissible Government institution has the authority to correct, alter, adjust and post forms, also modify their charges. We advise you to make sure that the application form you are due to mail is updated and that the state charge is appropriate, regarding the potential modifications specified before. You accept that we cannot and will not be considered culpable for the denial of your application, resulted because of any foreign circumstances beyond of our jurisdiction, as applicants ineligibility for the certain benefit for which you have applied.

You accept that we cannot and will not be considered culpable for any alterations made by the Health Departments, with respect to qualification norms, constraints or any new requirements. You acknowledge that any of the service restrictions stated in these Terms and Conditions cannot be used as controversy for reimbursement. If the user abuses any third party while using our services, he or she should be the only ones considered culpable and ought to clear it up at their own charge and it should not lead to any harm to this internet platform.

The body of the data stated on this site is general data and it should be considered as overall guidelines exclusively. If you need an attorney counseling services we advise you to contact a law firm. This website will not be considered culpable for any damage experienced by the customers while navigating or using our online platform, in the event as such they will not be issued any refund for the harm caused. If the user disobeys the Terms and Conditions stated on this online platform and harms this website might claim the user to compensate for the cost of losses experiences by this enterprise.


It is possible that may hold links to third-party web platforms or benefits which are not offered or belong to this website. Thus, the requester acknowledges and accepts that this website cannot or will not be considered as culpable for the terms, practices, policies or contents of any third party online platforms. This website is not providing any of the third party company services or products. Moreover, the user confirms and certifies that this website will not be held culpable and will take no guilt, directly or indirectly, for any harm or losses allegedly caused by or contrarily or in relation to the affairs or dependency on any similar subject matter, services, goods or assets gained through any third party or competition internet platforms. We strongly recommend you to be aware of the terms and conditions and privacy policies of any and every third-party vendor sites, services or products that you will visit.


The client understands and accepts that this website keeps all rights to briefly freeze, interrupt, stop, erase or deactivate your account, without any prior notice of such operation. This may happen in case the enterprise suspects that you have violated our Terms and Conditions. You also acknowledge and accept that we might suspend our services under the following conditions: for the web platform maintenance reasons, if crucial or essential; regards to natural disasters (earthquakes, tidal waves, floods, etc.;) political issues (riots, war, strikes, manifestations, etc); absence of electricity; fires; repairs, technical issues or any alterations to our system, for any reasons we consider necessary to do so. You as our client acknowledge and accept that this enterprise will not be held culpable or accountable for any outcomes or harm experienced by the user or third party regards to suspension/cancelation of an account and they will not keep navigating this web platform afterward above mentioned successful suspension of the account. Furthermore, the customer completely agrees with this website and its, directors, administration, officers, agents, suppliers, licensee and licensors from and contrary to any and all accountabilities, charges, claims, appeals, disbursements or obligations, losses and costs (inter alia reasonable counselor’s costs) arising out or in any way linked to the operation and connection of this web platform, or your violation of any of the provisions of hence stated Terms.


This website keeps all rights to reorganize the constituents of this web platform also to alter these Terms and Conditions. These alterations may be put to effect instantly without any prior notification. It is each customer’s duty to make sure they are familiar with the stated Terms and Conditions which are applicable on a regular basis or every moment they are navigating or using its products and services.

By maintaining the access and navigation of this website after any modifications that became active since your last visit, you accept to be obligated to follow and respect the altered terms. In case you disagree with the altered terms, please stop using this website immediately. All modifications done to this site or its terms will be announced on this website and will come into force at the moment it was published which will pop up at the top of the policy as “last updated”.


This website provides a legitimate NZ citizenship application process instructions and filled form package, also a service of consulting and administrative management that gives assistance and support, and prepares your documents for the NZ citizenship application process, and for this reason we apply a service charge of $195.00 (plus rate exchange adjustment for card payment processing if applicable). Government and delivery fees to be paid to the “Department of Internal Affairs of New Zealand Government” and courier company are not included in our service fee, so they will charge you the corresponding amount separately once they receive the application documents.

In case you are not satisfied with the our service, we can offer a 100% money-back-guarantee depending on the application process situation, the proposed reason and after deliberation. Customers card will be charged instantly. On our website, the payments are shown and made in NZD.

If you wish to know more about each state charges per NZ citizenship application copy CUSTOMER CARE.

If you have any inquiries in relation to any issues while entering your account, filling the application form, printing it or if you have any doubts about how we handle your personal data, we urge you do not hesitate and get in touch with our Helpful Customer Care Department. In case you need to alter any of the data regarding your profile, you understand and give your full consent to our associates to manipulate your data in order to solve the issue.

How much does applying for citizenship cost?

There are a few different fees associated with applying for NZ citizenship. The government fees range between NZD $158.40 – $470.20 depending on the form you use to file, and are charged separately and directly by the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) once they receive and process your application. We charge a service fee of $195.00 for access to our immigration package service which allows you to easily prepare and manage your application.

More information about government fees here.


In case you are in need to get in touch with us for any particular reason, you can contact our experienced customer care agents at any moment through the following email address or through our contact page.

Our application instructions package processing and delivery time takes up to 5 working days.

Estonian legislation in force

These terms and conditions are governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Estonia. Unless you are using our website service as a customer, by agreeing to these terms and conditions you are consenting to all disputes arising out of or in connection with your use of this website being decided only by the courts of Estonia.

The Estonian legal environment encourages entrepreneurship and an entrepreneurial mindset. Foreign investors have equal rights and obligations as local entrepreneurs. All foreign investors can set up a business and conduct business in Estonia in the same way as local investors; no restrictions apply.

Estonia has concluded investment protection treaties with 31 countries, including the US, Germany, France, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Switzerland. In addition, agreements to avoid double taxation have been concluded with 53 countries, including the EU.

Estonia’s legal system is based on the model of continental European civil law and has been influenced by the German legal system. Unlike common law countries, Estonia has detailed codifications and issues are resolved according to these codifications. Estonian law is basically divided into private law and public law. Private law generally consists of civil law and commercial law. Public law consists of international law, constitutional law, administrative law, criminal law, financial law and procedural law.


The e-law system is an online database of the Estonian Ministry of Justice that allows the public to read all draft laws submitted since February 2003. Built using blockchain technology, it is formally known as the Electronic Bill Coordination System.

Readers can see who submitted the legislation, its current state and the changes made to it as it went through the parliamentary process. When an act becomes law, it is published in the online newspaper Riigi Teataja, another searchable database that functions as an open legal library.

A similar system used by Tallinn City Council makes it possible to follow all council sessions online, while city legislation and other documents are available on the city’s home page. Projects such as e-Law and others create an unprecedented level of transparency in the state, reduce corruption, and encourage citizens to take an active interest in legislative affairs.

To increase international and business cooperation, almost 500 legal acts have now been translated from Estonian into English. Since 2014, people from 185 different countries have seen the laws translated.

More information at

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Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any doubts regarding our Terms and Conditions or any other queries regarding services actioned via this web platform, we invite you to use our contact page: Contact us.


According to the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679, we inform you that the data you provide us will be incorporated into the treatment system, with the purpose of sending you commercial information about our products and services.

We will proceed to treat the data in a lawful, loyal, transparent, adequate, relevant, limited, accurate and updated manner. Until you tell us otherwise, we understand that your data has not been modified and you agree to notify us of any changes. In case it is necessary to communicate your data to other recipients, you can find more information in the privacy policy available on the website.

In accordance with the rights conferred by the current regulations you may exercise your rights of access, rectification, limitation of treatment, deletion, portability and opposition to the treatment of your personal data and revoke the consent given, directing your request to You can also contact us for any clarification regarding this affair or in relation to the data treatment.

In case of non-acceptance your data will not be treated.

Disclaimer: The information provided on this site is not legal advice but general information on issues commonly encountered when dealing with citizenship matters. This website is not the official government site and is not affiliated to the New Zealand Government Authorities, is not a law firm, and is not a substitute for an attorney or law firm. We are a private company that provides a software consisting of an online form with step-by-step guide, also a service of consulting and administrative management that gives assistance and support, and prepares your documents for the NZ citizenship application process; for this reason we charge a NZ $195 service fee. Note that we do not provide the citizenship directly, as we act as intermediary agent providing a preparation package to apply for it. Our work fees do not include the public fees for applying for citizenship (as we do not provide the citizenship directly), which you will need to pay separately to the NZ Government / DIA. You can always apply for NZ citizenship through the official gov website, using RealMe, getting and filling the documents by yourself, or in person in one of the available offices of the New Zealand Government Authorities.